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Here at specialist sales, we understand that our customers need to make informed buying decisions and based on the latest information from Jaguar Land Rover many products in the range are experiencing longer than expected production times. While this situation is affecting most motor manufactures, we believe in being upfront and sharing the information as its released offering our customers the opportunity to make the right purchase decisions.

These delays due to the supply of semiconductors are outside our control here in specialist sales and they do affect many Jaguar Land Rover products introspective of the supplying retailer or sales channel. Below you will find some valuable information on our products and some background on the current delays.

What are Semiconductors?

Semiconductors, also known as microchips and integrated circuits (ICs), are essential components in every electronics product, The Covid-19 pandemic had already put enormous pressure on supply chains, especially for consumer electronics like laptops, video game consoles and smartphones, as it forced people around the world to find new ways to work and play. The car industry’s faster-than-anticipated bounce back after factory shutdowns sent semiconductor supply into a downward spiral, creating a shortfall in the tiny electronics across a wide swathe of industries.

What impact is the current shortage having on the motor industry?

The car industry was the first to be hit, with carmakers like GM, Ford and VW warning that the situation would affect sales and production output this year. The unavailability of chips would impact the production of 1.3 million cars and vans globally in the first quarter of this year, according to research firm IHS Markit. It reported that a fire at a Renesas chip fab in Japan in March, as well as disruptions to chip plants following severe winter weather in Texas, would compound the shortages. UK carmaker Mini said it suspended a production line for three days because of a scarcity of chips, while Ford recently warned that the shortfall would cut its output by 1.1 million vehicles this year.

What about Jaguar Land Rover?

The global semiconductor shortage continues to disrupt production schedules at Jaguar Land Rover-like most other vehicle manufactures, resulting in extended lead times on several Jaguar and Land Rover models.

Which Jaguar Land Rover can I obtain in the shortest timescales?

Below is a list of vehicles with shorter build times. With an estimated build time of around 6 months based on current information, it’s the quickest way to own a new Jaguar or Land Rover product.

  • Range Rover Evoque D200, P250, P300 & P300e
  • Discovery Sport P300e
  • Land Rover Discovery D300 & P360
  • Range Rover Velar All models
  • Range Rover Sport All Models
  • Range Rover All models
  • Land Rover Defender 90 D250, P400 & P525
  • Land Rover Defender 110 D250, D300, P300, P400 & P400e
  • Jaguar E-Pace D200, P300e & P250
  • Jaguar I-Pace All models
  • Jaguar F-Pace D200, D300, P250, P400, P400e & SVR
  • Jaguar F-Type All Models

Which factory options may result in longer build times on the above vehicles?

We do have a limited number of factory options that currently can cause additional delays these are 3D surround camera, Advance tow assist pack, Heads up display, Technology pack, Vision assist pack and Vision assist pro pack. This may not affect every model please ask for more information.

What models do have a longer build time?

To support our customers who are thinking of placing new orders we can confirm that for several models detailed below, the build time for new customer orders received from 6/8/2021 will be more than twelve months. The supply of semiconductors will continue to evolve over the coming weeks and months, and we will continue to update where model, derivative and feature availability change.


  • E-PACE D165 & P200 derivatives
  • F-PACE D165 derivatives
  • Defender 90 D200 Hard Top & P300 derivatives
  • Defender 110 D200 derivatives
  • Discovery Sport D165, D200, P200, P250 & P290 derivatives
  • Discovery D250 & P300 derivatives
  • Range Rover Evoque D165 & P200 derivatives

Will the price I have been quoted be honoured for 12 months?

Unfortunately, there will be no price protection or additional support available for customer orders which cannot be fulfilled within the current production model year, should a new model be made available replacing the model present at the time of order our customers will be offered the new specification at the prevailing cost and will be free to choose if they wish to proceed or not.

Will my finance rates and monthly payments be held as quoted at the time of order for 12 months?

Jaguar Land Rover Personal contract purchase “PCP” and “Hire Purchase “HP” finance proposals are currently valid for up to 6 months. To support customers where orders extend beyond this, we are pleased to confirm that Jaguar Land Rover will honour the APR rate and any Finance Deposit Allowance (if applicable) for up to 12 months from the date of proposal, however, “Guaranteed future values” may be subject to change, which could result in an increase or decrease monthly payments. We will be able to notify our customers of any changes once a production month has been confirmed by Jaguar Land Rover.

What can if my current vehicle is on Finance which is due to end before my new vehicle is available?

Existing Jaguar Land Rover Financial services customers can be offered either a finance agreement extension or a balloon re-financing option depending upon their circumstances. For this to be offered our customers will need to have a new vehicle on order and an agreed finance proposal in place. For more information, please contact Terry White our business manager on 01733 213231.

Should you have a finance agreement with another manufacturer (not Jaguar or Land Rover) please contact your current finance provider to see the options are available to you.

What updates can I expect during the 12-month ordering period?

From order placement your vehicle will be placed into the holding pool with Jaguar Land Rover awaiting a build slot to be issued, as the build periods quoted are around 12 months, we would not expect to receive any further updates on Jaguar Land Rover for 9 months, please rest assured if we have an update or information to make you aware of our team will be in contact via your preferred choice of communication. Should you wish to contact us directly please contact your sales specialist on 01733 213205.


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